0321 The Narrations of Imam Ali and several Companions of the Holy Prophet praise and peace be upon him concerning Al Mahdi

0321 The Narrations of Imam Ali and several Companions of the Holy Prophet praise and peace be upon him concerning Al Mahdi

The following narrations were reported via Imam Ali, may Allah
honor his face.

A. Master in Paradise
1. One day as Imam Ali looked at his son, Al Hussain, (peace be upon them) he said:
“Surely, this my son is a Master as the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, has named him. From his loins comes a man whose name is like the name of your Prophet. He is similar to him in manner and will fill the earth with justice.”

B. Al Harth
2. The Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, said:
“A man called Al Harth will come from beyond the river. At his front is a man called Mansoor who will pave and establish the government for the family of Muhammad just as the Koraysh established it for the Messenger of Allah praise and peace be upon him. It is obligatory for all believers to support him or he said obey him.”

C. Arrival of Al Mahdi
3. Muhammad, the son of Al Hanafiyyah said:
“We were with Ali, peace be upon him, when a man asked him about Al Mahdi. Imam Ali, may Allah honor his face said: ‘But oh!’ Then joined his hands and counted seven fingers as he said:
“He comes at the end of Time when men (hypocrites) say that Allah has been killed! Then Allah will gather the scattered nation for him like the scattered clouds, and Allah will arbitrate between their hearts so that they do not feel lonely, nor will they be happy if someone joins them. Their number is like that of the people of Badr. Neither those who are at the beginning overtake them, nor those who are at the end reach them. And their number is the same as Talmut’s companions those who crossed the river with him.”

D. Four Trials
4. Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said:
“The trials are four: the trial of happiness, the trial of harm, the trial of gold, then, a man will come from the pure musked children of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, and Allah will repair their affairs upon his hand.”

E. Anxiousness for Al Mahdi
5. Imam Ali,  peace be upon him, said:
“After a herald proclaims from Heaven that the Truth is in the Family of Muhammad that is the time in which Al Mahdi will appear upon the lips of people. They will drink his love and their talk is only about him.”

F. The Gate of Istakhr
6. Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said: "The horses  of As-Sufyani will go to Kufa, and he will send his army against the dwellers of Khurasan. (At that time) the people of Khurasan will demand Al Mahdi. He that meets with Al Hashimi with the Black Banners at his front is Shuayb, the son of Salih who will engage As-Sufyani at the Gate of Istakhr -- between them there will be a tremendously fierce battle and the Black Banners will win, but the horses of As-Sufyani will escape. It is at that time that the people will wish for Al Mahdi, because they need him.”

G. Ar Rufaka and Al Abdal
7. Imam Ali, may Allah honor his face, said:
“When he from the Family of Muhammad comes Allah will gather dwellers from the East and West for him, just as autumn clouds gather. As for Ar-Rufaka, he will come from the dwellers of Kufa and Al Abdal will come from the dwellers of Syria.”

H. Trials
8. “Surely, a man from my children will come near the Hour (at a time) when the hearts of believers died just as their bodies died through harm, hunger, murder, continuous trials, great battles, the death of the Sunnah, the revival of innovations, abstention from honoring good and forbidding the prohibited that pursued them. Then, through Al Mahdi, Muhammad the son of Abdullah, Allah will revive the Sunnah that died and he will please with his justice, and the hearts of the believers will be blessed. Groups of Persian and Arab tribes will unite because of him, and so he will remain for some years, which are but a few, then die.”

I. Al Talakan
9. “Good for Al Talakan! Surely, for Allah in it are treasures, not of gold or silver but men who know Allah through truthful knowledge and they will support Al Mahdi at the end of Time.”

J. The Birth Place of Al Mahdi
10. “The birth-place of Al Mahdi will be in Medina. He is from the family of the House of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, and his migration is to the House of Jerusalem. His beard is thick, his eyes naturally mascaraed, his teeth are radiant and upon his face is a mole and upon his shoulder is the Sign of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him. And he will come out under the Banner of the Prophet made from a marked woolen black square that will not have been unfolded since the Messenger, praise and peace be upon him, and it will not be unfolded until Al Mahdi comes. Allah will support him with three thousand angels who will beat the faces and buttocks of those that oppose him. He will be sent between the age of thirty and forty.”

K. The Black Banners
11. “When the Black Banners are aimed at As-Sufyani and the people of Shuayb, the son of Salih, long for and search for Al Mahdi he will emerge from Mecca and with him will be the Banner of the Messenger, praise and peace be upon him. He will pray two units of prayer after the people have given up hope of his coming during the lengthy period of their trials and when he finishes his prayer he will go to them and say:
“O people, continuous trails came to the nation of Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, especially to the Family of his House -- you have been conquered and wronged.”

12. “Al Mahdi is a man from us, from the children of Fatima, peace be upon her.”

L. The False Messiah
13. “At the end of Time there will be a trial in which people will be sorted in a similar way to that in which gold is sorted from metal.”
14. “Therefore do not rebuke the people of Syria rather, rebuke the evil people among them, because amongst them are Al Abdal. Allah will send a flood from Heaven that will disperse their groups in a way that if foxes were to attack them they would be victorious. Then Allah will send a man from the perfumed musked children of the Messenger, praise and peace be upon him, amongst approximately twelve and fifteen thousand under three banners and their password is ‘Die, die!’ And they will be fought by the people of seven banners under each is a man seeking the kingdom. They will be killed, defeated, then Al Hashimi will appear, so Allah will restore unity and favors to the people and this will be the case until al-dajjal (the lying, false messiah) comes.”

M. The Slaying of Muslims at Kufa
15. “As-Sufyani will overcome Syria, then between them there will be a battle in Kurkisa until the birds of the air are filled and the savage animals of the earth are filled from their perishing. Then, an opening will occur at their rear, and a group will come from them until they enter the land of Khurasan. The horses of As-Sufyani will come demanding the people of Khurasan, and they will slay the followers of the Family of Muhammad in Kufa, then the people of Khurasan will come seeking Al Mahdi.”

N. The Sign of the Coming of Al Mahdi
16. Abdullah, son of Amru said:
“When the army is swallowed up in the desert, it is the sign of the coming of Al Mahdi”

O. A Man from the children of Hasan
17. He also said:
“A man from the children of Hasan will come from the East, if he faces the mountains he will destroy them making a passage through them.”

P. Murder on the Pilgrimage
18. To the people on pilgrimage standing on Arafat without an imam, a burning desire will come as they remain in Minan. The tribes will revolt against each other and they will kill each other until their blood flows on Al Aqabah. Then the best of them will go when the alarm is raised and they will reach him when his face is touching the stone of Al Ka'ba and it seems to me as if he is tearful, and they will say to him:
“Come to us so that we can give you our allegiance!” But he will reply:
“Woe to you, how many promises did you break and how much blood did you shed!” So, he is given allegiance under duress. Therefore, if you reach him, pledge your allegiance to him, because, surely, he is Al Mahdi in the Earth and Al Mahdi in the Heaven.”

Q. Shuayb, the son of Salih
19. Ammar, the son of Yasir, may Allah be pleased with both of them, said:
“The bearer of the Banner of Al Mahdi is Shuayb, the son of Salih.”

R. As-Sufyani and Kufa
20. He also said:
“When As-Sufyani reaches Kufa and kills the supporters of the family of Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, Al Mahdi will come and the bearer of his Banner will be Shuayb, the son of Salih.”

S. Four People from the House
21. Abdullah, the son of Abbas, may Allah be pleased with both of them, said to Mujahid:
“If I had not heard that you are like the people of this House I would never tell you this.” Whereupon Mujahid said:
“It is surely in secret, I will not mention it to someone you hate.” So ibn Abbas told him:
“There are four people from the House, from us is As-Saffah, and from us Al Mundhir, and from us Al Mansoor, and from us is Al Mahdi.” So Mujahid said:
“Clarify these four for me.” He answered: “As for As-Saffah, perhaps he will kill his supporters and forgive his enemy. Al Mundhir will give away plenty of wealth, he will be humble and keep but a little of his rights. Al Mansoor, will be given victory over his enemy and part of what was given to the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, and that is that his enemies were frightened away from him the traveling distance of two months, whereas the enemy of Al Mansoor will be frightened away from him the traveling distance of one month. Al Mahdi will fill the earth with justice just as it has been filled with transgression -- livestock and foxes will live together peacefully. And the earth will bring forth that which is hidden from its depths -- they look like cylinders of gold or silver.”

T. When Constantinople is Opened
22. As-Sudayy said when explaining the Word of Allah:
“For them in the world is ignominy ...”
“As for their ignominy in the world, it is that when Al Mahdi comes and Constantinople is opened they will be killed -- this is the ignominy. As for the great chastisement, it is the chastisement of Gehenna (Hell) that is neither reduced for its people nor will the vanish or die.”

23. It was said to Hudhayfah:
“Al Mahdi has already come!” Whereupon he replied:
“You will  be successful if he comes while the companions of Muhammad are among you. Indeed, he will not come until there is no one absent that is more beloved to people than he on account of the evil they face.”

U. Prophet Jesus and Al Mahdi
24. Ibn Siriin said:
“Al Mahdi is from this nation and he will lead (in prayer) Jesus, the son of Mary - peace be upon both of them.”

V. The Eclipse of the Sun and the Moon in Ramadan
25. Muhammad, the son of Ali said: "For Al Mahdi there are two signs that have never before existed since Allah created the Heaven and Earth. The moon will eclipse on the first night of Ramadan, and the sun will eclipse during its middle -- this has never occurred since Allah created the Heavens and Earth.”

W. Upon Finding Al Mahdi
26. Ibn Masood said:
“When commerce and roads are blocked and trials increase, seven knowledgeable people will come from different directions without previous appointment. Each will receive the allegiance of over three hundred men until they meet in Mecca. The seven will meet and asked one another;
“What brought you here?” They will reply:
“In Search of the man upon whose hand the trials will be calmed, and for whom Constantinople will be opened. We know him by his name, his father's name, his mother's name, and his army.” So the seven will agree upon this and search for him then find him in Mecca. So they will ask him:
“Are you so and so, son of so and so?” He will reply:
“No, I am a man from the supporters.” And escape from them, so they will describe him to people in their midst that are both righteous and knowledgeable and it will be said to them:
“The one whom you seek was in your company, and he will go to Al Medina.” So they will search for him in Al Medina but at that time he will be in Mecca. So they will search for him in Mecca and say to him:
“You are so and so, son of so and so, and your mother is so and so, daughter of so and so, and in you are the signs of such and such, and such and such. You escaped from us once so stretch out your hands and we will pledge our allegiance to you.” So he will say: ‘I am not your companion.’ Then he will escape from them so they will search for him in Al Medina when he has returned to Mecca, then they will find him in Mecca beside Al Rukn and say to him:
‘Our sins will be upon you and our blood upon your neck if you do not stretch out your hand so that we may pledge our allegiance!’ The army of As-Sufyani is coming demanding us in which there is a man from Jurm. So he will sit between Al Rukn and Al Makam and stretch out his hand and allegiance will be pledged to him. So, Allah will sow love of him in the chests of the people and he will lead a nation
that are lions during the day and worshippers at night.”   
X. The Black Banners
27. Muhammad, son of Al Hanaffia, said:
“The Black Banners will come out for the children of Al Abbas. The other black banners will come from Khurasan. Their turbans will be black and their clothes white. At their front will be a man named Shuayb, the son of Salih, from Tamim. They will defeat the companions of As-Sufyani until he comes to the House of Jerusalem where he will establish his power for Al Mahdi, and he will be supplied with three hundred (men) from Syria after his arrival and the matter will be settled for Al Mahdi in seventy-two months.”

Y. The Black Banners in Kufa
28. Hammad, the son of Abi Jafar, said:
“The Black Banners that come from Khurasan will arrive in Kufa, so when Al Mahdi appears in Mecca their allegiance will be sent to him.”

Z. A Youth with a thin, yellowish beard
29. Ka'b, the son of Alkamah said:
“In front of the Banner of Al Mahdi will come a youth whose beard is yellowish and thin. If he fights the mountains will destroy them until he reaches Alya’.”

AA. The Battle in Medina
30. Abu Hurayrah said:
“A battle in Medina will occur until the stones of oil are flooded (with blood), and Al Hirrah will be so small -- like a strike of a truncheon. Then people will go two miles outside Medina and give their allegiance to Al Mahdi.”

AB. Death of As-Sufyani
31. Muhammad, son of Al Haniffia said:
“Al Mahdi, As-Sufyani and Kalb will fight in the House of Jerusalem after the allegiance has been given. As-Sufyani will be captured and slain at the gate of Ar Rahbah.”

AC. The Children of Lady Fatima, peace be upon them
32. Kitadah said:
“I asked Sa’id, son of Al Musayyab: Is Al Mahdi a truth?” He replied: “Yes,” I asked: “Who is he from?” He replied: “From the children of Fatima, peace be upon her.”

AD. As-Sufyani
33. Al Walid, son of Muslim, said:
“Al Mahdi will not come until As-Sufyani is established.”

AE. The Marked Banner
34. Abdullah, the son of  Shuraykh, said:
“With Al Mahdi is the marked Banner of the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him.”

AF. The Personality of Al Mahdi
35. Tawus said:
“The sign of Al Mahdi is that he will be strict with his staff,
generous with wealth and merciful to the servile.”

36. Ibn Abbas said:
“Al Mahdi is from us, the people of the House, and he is a youth.” So it was said to him: “Your elderly people are not capable of aspiring to this so now you wish for your youth.” He answered: “Allah does whatever He wants.”

AG. The Humility of Al Mahdi
37. Az-Zuhriy said:
“From the children of Fatima, Al Mahdi will be taken out against his desire from Mecca and given allegiance.”

AH. Disbelief in Allah
38. Matar Al Warrak said:
“Al Mahdi will not come until disbelief in Allah will be expressed openly.”

AI. Al Rukn and Al Makam
39. Abu Hurayrah said:
“Al Mahdi will be given allegiance between Al Rukn and Al Makam.”

AJ. Safety after the trial
40. Katadah said:
“Al Mahdi is the best of people. The people that give their support and allegiance are the dwellers of Al Kufa, Yemen and Al Abdal of Syria. At his front is Gabriel, at his middle is Michael and he is loved throughout creation. With him Allah extinguishes the blind trial and the land will feel secure, and a woman can travel (for pilgrimage) amongst five ladies with no man among them, fearing nothing except Allah, and the land will bring forth its produce, and the Heaven will give its blessing.”

AK. The Four Thousand Men of Shuayb, the son of Salih
41. Al Hasan Al Basri said:
“A man of medium stature will come from Ar-Ray (a far-eastern town). He will be dark and from the children of Tamim -- a Wasaj, named Shuayb son of Salih with four thousand men. Their clothes will be white and Banners black, and at his front is Al Mahdi. He meets no one that he does not defeat and scatter.”

AL. Abundance of Wealth
42. When Omar, the son of Abdul Aziz was mentioned to Matar Al Warrak, he said:
“It has reached us that Al Mahdi will do something that Omar, son of Abdul Aziz never did.” So it was asked: “What is that?” He replied: “A man will come to him asking and so he will tell him to enter the treasure house and take. So he will enter then come out but when he sees the people he will have regrets and return saying: “Take what you have given me.” But he will be declined with the words: ‘We give, but we do not take back.’

43. Hakim, the son of Sa’d said:
“When Sulayman came and showed what he had I asked my father, Abi Yahya: “Is this Al Mahdi who is mentioned?” He replied: “No.”

44. Ibrahim, the son of Maysarah said:
“I asked Tawwus: ‘Is Omar, son of Abdul Aziz is Al Mahdi?” He replied: “He is guided, but he is not Al Mahdi and he has not completed all the (aspects of) justice.”

45. Abi Jafar, Muhammad, the son of Ali, son of Al Hussain said:
“They claim that I am Al Mahdi, surely I am closer to my end to that which they are calling me.”

AM. When a man sleeps as a believer and wakes as an unbeliever
46. Al Hakam, the son of Utaybah said: “I said to Muhammad, the son of Ali, we heard that a man will come from you who will be the judge of this nation.” He replied: “We wish what the people wish and hope if there does not remain from the world but a day that Allah will prolong that day until the wishes of the nation have come to pass, but before this is a trial which is the worst of trials. Man will sleep as a believer but wake as an unbeliever and wake as a believer but go to sleep as an unbeliever.”

AN. Justice
47. Jafar, the son of Yasar said:
“Al Mahdi will return the wrongly possessed goods in a way that he will extract even the slightest thing that is under a molar to return it.”

48. Khalid, the son of Samir said:
“Musa, the son of Talha, son of Ubaydillah escaped from Al Mukhtar to the City of Basra when people believed him to be Al Mahdi.”

From this statement and the foregoing reported by Muhammad, son of Ali, we understand that the matter of Al Mahdi was a well known topic and discussed during the first generation.

AO. Muhammad, the son of Ajlan
49. Malik, the son of Anas said:
“When Abdullah, the son of Hasan left Medina, Muhammad, the son of Ajlan accompanied him. After Abdullah had been killed and Jafar, the son of Sulayman took over Medina he sent for Muhammad, the son of Ajlan. When he was brought before him he (Jafar) mocked him and spoke harshly saying:
“You went with that liar!” But Muhammad, the son of Ajlan did not utter a word except by the inaudible movement of his lips, so they assumed he was supplicating. The jurists and honorable people attending Jafar, the son of Sulayman stood saying:
“May Allah reform the prince, Muhammad, the son of Ajlan, the jurist of Medina and His worshiper.” It seems he was confused and thought himself to be the Mahdi referred to in the narrations and they kept questioning him until he left them. But Muhammad, the son of Ajlan left without uttering a word.”

There are other statements transmitted via another group of companions and their followers together with their followers, and their followers concerning Al Mahdi, but we decided not to mention them in this book as that which has been mentioned suffices.

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